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Dedications, Prefaces, Postfaces

from: Thomas Erastus, Theses de sudore, Basel: Leonhard Ostein, 1581
Hieronymus Reusner dedicates his theses with great honor to three respected patricians of Wrocław, praising their nobility, virtue, and learning, and highlighting their unwavering sincerity and true friendship.

Notices, Editorial Remarks etc.


from: Simone Simoni, Disputatio de putredine, Kraków: Łazarz Andrysowic, 1584
Reusner extols Simoni for his groundbreaking work in unraveling the complexities of putrefaction, making difficult medical concepts accessible to many. Simoni's contributions are likened to a shining light in the medical field, guiding and ending many challenges that others have failed to address. The poem also acknowledges the criticisms from detractors, symbolized by Zoilus. However, Reusner encourages Simoni to remain undeterred, emphasizing that his invaluable work will earn him lasting fame and appreciation from future generations. The poem concludes with a note that while critics may face their downfall, Simoni's legacy will endure.


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