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Dedicatory Inscription to Nicolaus Reusner and Daniel Scepsius

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Source: Hieronymus Reusner, Decisiones praecipuorum aliquot ἀπορημάτων ἰατροφιλοσοφικῶν, Basel: Nicolaus Brylinger (heirs), 1582, sig. A1v [BP.Reusner.1582-03]

Summary: Hieronymus Reusner dedicates his work to two esteemed individuals: Doctor Nicolaus Reusner, a legal expert and poet, and Doctor Daniel Scepsius, a physician of Schweidnitz. (generated by ChatGPT)


[sig. A1v] Ampliss[im]is et Clariss.[im]is Viris, D[omi]n[is] Doctorib[us]

D[octori] Nicolao Revsnero. I[vre] C[onsvlto] et Poetæ Cæsareo, agnato:

D[octori] Danielo Scepsio, Suidnicensium Poliatro, affini:

Chariss[im]is et Optatiss[im]is amoris, debitae´qve observantiae ergo

Συμπεράσματα hæc ἐναγώνια consecrat

Hieronymus Reusnerus.

Modern English Raw Translation

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To the most distinguished and illustrious Men, Lords Doctors

To Doctor Nicolaus Reusner, Legal Consultant and Caesar's Poet, blood relative:

To Doctor Daniel Scepsius, the Poliatro of Suidnicensium, kinsman:

For the dearest and most desired of love, and due observance

Hieronymus Reusner dedicates these agonizing conclusions.