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Poem for Nicolaus Reusner

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Source: Icones sive imagines virorum literis illustrium, ed. Nicolaus Reusner, Straßburg: Bernhard Jobin, 1590, sig. )(7v [BP.Reusner.1590-01]

Summary: Reusner's anagrammatic poem pays tribute to "Nicolas," celebrating his enduring virtues and contributions. The poem plays on the words "NICOLAS" and "LAUS ICON" (Praise of the Icon), suggesting that Nicolas's piety, faith, and artistic or scholarly achievements have earned him a lasting place of honor. Reusner implies that Nicolas's legacy, symbolized by a "golden book," will remain an eternal icon of praise, transcending time and remaining imperishable through the ages. (generated by ChatGPT)


[sig. )(7v] Hieronymi Revsneri Anagrammatismus.
Lavs Icon.

Plurima Lavs, Icon hominum quo plurima fulget,
Quos cœlo pietas, arsq́ue fidesq́ue locant.
Aureolus liber iste tuus, Nicolae, perennis
Icon sit meritò Lavdis in orbe tuæ.
Laudis ut omne tuæ cesset decus, omne per avum
Icon & Lavs hæc non peritura manet.

Modern English Raw Translation

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Much PRAISE, where the ICON of men shines the most, Whom piety and both arts and faith place in the heavens. May this golden book of yours, NICOLAS, rightfully become an everlasting ICON of your PRAISE in the world. So that all the glory of your praise may cease through every age, this ICON and PRAISE remains imperishable.