Dedicatory Inscription, no date (1581), Hieronymus Reusner to Johannes Schmidt, Heinrich Schmidt and Sebald Sauermann (BP.Erastus.1581-03)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Hieronymus Reusner
Recipients: Johannes Schmidt
Heinrich Schmidt
Sebald Sauermann
Type: Dedicatory Inscription
Date: no date [1581]
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Thomas Erastus, Theses de sudore, Basel: Leonhard Ostein 1581, sig. A1v [BP.Erastus.1581-03]
Note: Sebald Sauermann was immatriculated at the University of Basel in 1580, one year before Hieronymus Reusner.
  Johann and Heinrich Schmidt are presumably the sons of Friederich Schmidt von Schmiedefeld (born 1518, died June 22, 1598), a member of the Council of Breslau from 1573-1595 and a royal man of the Principality of Breslau.
  Heinrich Schmidt (born 1558, died July 27, 1616) was the Chief Tax Collector of the Principality of Breslau and a member of the Council of Breslau from 1598 until his death in 1616. Source: (accessed 2023-08-18).
  Johann Schmidt von Schmiedefeld died in 1606. Source:ÜLLER (accessed 2023-08-18). Johann Schmidt von Schmiedefeld was a Ducal Liegnitz-Brieg Councilor and Captain of Wohlau. Source: Oskar Pusch, Die Breslauer Rats- und Stadtgeschlechter in der Zeit von 1241 bis 1741, vol. 5, Dortmund 1991, 12, available online at (accessed 2023-08-18).
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Abstract: Hieronymus Reusner dedicates his theses with great honor to three respected patricians of Wrocław, praising their nobility, virtue, and learning, and highlighting their unwavering sincerity and true friendship. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. A1v] Nobilitate generis, Virtute, & eruditione præclara ornatissimis Dominis, Iohanni et Heinrico Schmidt Fr[atribvs,] Sebaldo Savrmanno, Patritijs Vratisl[aviensibus]. Amicis coniunctiss[imis] ueri amoris, inuictiqúe nullis inuidorum machinis candoris fouendi ergô: Theses hasce debito cum honore nuncupat Hieronymus Reusnerus.

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To the most distinguished Johannes and Heinrich Schmidt, brothers, adorned with nobility of birth, virtue, and learning, to Sebald Saurmann, patricians of Wrocław (Vratislavia). To the closest friends, for the sake of true love and unyielding sincerity, unaffected by any schemes of the envious: Hieronymus Reusner dedicates these theses with due honor.