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  • Dedication, 4 January 1602, Johann Thölde to Joachim Friedrich Kurfürst von Brandenburg and Katharina Markgräfin von Brandenburg; German

from: Basilus Valentinus, TriumphWagen Antimonii, ed. Johann Thölde, Leipzig: Jacob Popporeich for Jacob Apel, 1604
Thölde discusses the publication of alchemical treatises, particularly those related to Basil Valentine and other notable figures like Roger Bacon. Thölde acknowledges that while the treatises are not directly authored by Basil Valentine, they are deeply influenced by the ideas of eminent philosophers and natural scientists, making them worthy of printing and dissemination.
The preface highlights the contents of these treatises, focusing on the effective use of antimony in both medicinal and metallurgical contexts. Thölde specifically mentions Roger Bacon's work on the oil and tincture of antimony, emphasizing its significance in alchemy. He also refers to the Particular Tinctures and the writings of Basil Valentine, which delve into the transformation and alteration of metals, as well as the medicinal applications for humans. These works, according to Thölde, offer clear and thorough explanations, making them accessible to those interested in alchemical studies.
Thölde's intention in publishing these works is to aid lovers and explorers of alchemy. He aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the art, believing that the writings are so clear and distinct that they can be understood without a teacher, except for those completely unfamiliar with alchemical terminology and concepts. He encourages readers to approach these texts with an open mind, hoping that enthusiasts will find fulfillment and skeptics will abandon their prejudices.
The preface concludes with Thölde expressing his commitment to releasing more of such valuable writings, including those of Basil Valentine.
from: Basilus Valentinus, TriumphWagen Antimonii, ed. Johann Thölde, Leipzig: Jacob Popporeich for Jacob Apel, 1604
Thölde's preface addresses the concept of 'Lead of the Philosophers,' an alchemical substance derived from antimony, as taught by Basil Valentine. He discusses the work 'Opus Saturni' by Master Johannes Isaacus Hollandus, suggesting that it should not be interpreted as concerning common lead, but rather a special alchemical substance, potentially linked to the Philosopher's Stone. Thölde emphasizes that his intention in publishing this work is to aid those interested in alchemy, particularly in understanding the 'Stone of Fire,' another key alchemical concept. He indicates that the work contributes to the broader discourse on whether common lead is the material of the Philosopher's Stone, with further insights to be found in subsequent teachings.

Notices, Editorial Remarks etc.

from: Basilius Valentinus, Ein kurtzer summarischer Tractat. Von dem grossen Stein der vhralten, ed. Johann Thölde, Johann Schleer (Zerbst) for Jacob Apel (Leipzig), 1602
Thölde addresses readers, acknowledging potential errors in his book due to his absence during its correction. He notes the challenges in accurately conveying chemical concepts through printing. Thölde expresses hope that knowledgeable readers will understand and defend the material against critics, and he entrusts sincere readers to a higher power.



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