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TriumphWagen Antimonii, ed. by Johann Thölde. Leipzig: Jacob Popporeich for Jacob Apel, 1604.
8°. Signatures: (1)–(2)8 (3)4 A–Z8 a–r8 s6 = 346 fols. (692 pages) (autopsy).
[xl], 694 [=622], [28], [2 blank] pages (autopsy).
Main Language: German. —
Pagination errors: 591 as ‘596’, 608 as ‘680’, 609-622 as ‘681’-‘694’.
Sudhoff's copy with an autograph dedication from Johann Thölde to Georg Forberger on the title page
Publisher: Jacob Apel
Translated as: BP364.
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sig. (1)1r
Title page
Printer’s mark on title page

sig. (1)1v
Table of contents
Bible quotation(s)

sig. (1)2r–(1)7v [12 pages]
Dedication by Johann Thölde, addressed to Nicolaus Maius; German
Leipzig, 1 May 1604

sig. (1)8r–(2)7v [16 pages]
Preface by Joachim Tancke; German
Leipzig, 1 May 1604

sig. (2)8r
‘Δεκαστιχον in Triumphalem Currum Stibii praeparati’, Poem by Marcus Rorscheidt; Latin

sig. (2)8v–(3)1r [2 pages]
‘Stibium triumphans’, Poem by Andreas Emmenius; Latin

sig. (3)1v–(3)2r [2 pages]
‘In Currum Triumphalem Antimonii Fratris Basilii Valentini’, Poem by Johann Kögler; Latin

sig. (3)2v
‘In Antimonium’, Poem by Johannes Tancke; Latin

sig. (3)3r
‘Epigramma in honorem Johannis Tholdii’, Poem by Georg Forberger; Latin

sig. (3)3v–(3)4r [2 pages]
‘An [den] günstigen Leser’, Poem by Marcus Rorscheidt, addressed to Reader; German

sig. (3)4v
‘Ad librum’, Poem by Anonymous; German

sig. A1r–R4v ‖ p. 1–264 [264 pages]
‘Triumphwagen Antimonii’, by Basilius Valentinus; German

sig. R5r–T4v ‖ p. 265–296 [32 pages]
‘De oleo stibii’, by Roger Bacon(Pseudo-); German

sig. R5v
Blank page

sig. R6r–R8r ‖ p. 267–271 [5 pages]
Preface by [Johann Thölde]; German
Leipzig, May 1604

sig. T5r–b7r ‖ p. 297–397 [101 pages]
‘Von den Particular und Universaltincturen’, by Anonymous [Christoph von Hirschenberg]; German

sig. b7v
Blank page

sig. b8r–f1v ‖ p. 399–450 [52 pages]
‘Vom Stein der Weisen’, by Georg Fedro, addressed to Hubert Languet; German

sig. f2r–g6r ‖ p. 451–475 [25 pages]
‘Uralter Ritterkrieg’, by Anonymous [Johann Sternhals]; German

sig. g6v ‖ p. 476
Preface by [Johann Thölde], addressed to the Reader; German

sig. g7r–k6r ‖ p. 477–523 [47 pages]
‘Opus Saturni’, by Isaac Hollandus; German

sig. k6v
Blank page

sig. k7r–n7v ‖ p. 525–574 [50 pages]
‘Consideratio oder philosophische Betrachtung von der Materia lapidis philosophici’, by Anonymous; German

sig. n8r–n8v [2 pages]
2 blank pages

sig. o1r–q7v ‖ p. 577–‘694’ [622] [46 pages]
‘Von der occulta chemicorum philosophia’, by Anonymous [Christoph von Hirschenberg]; German

sig. q8r–s3r [23 pages]

sig. s3v
Blank page

sig. s4r–s5r

sig. s5v
Printer’s mark

sig. s6r–s6v [2 pages]
2 blank pages