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Source: Georg Fedro, Die Cur der jetzt schwebenden Pestilentz, Wien: Caspar Stainhofer, no date [ca. 1565-1576], sig. A1r [BP.Fedro.nd-01]


Source: Johann Sichard, Praelectionum in libros Codicis Sacratissimi Principis Iustiniani, quantum earundem extat, tomus primus, ed. Johann Michael Fickler, Basel: Johannes Oporinus, 1565, sig. α5r [BP.Fedro.1565-01]
This epitaph by Georg Fedro for Johannes Sichardus reflects on the dual nature of human existence: while Sichardus's body rests in the earth, his spirit continues to experience the boundless joy of the afterlife.


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