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Source: Paracelsus, Das sechste Buch in der artznei, ed. Georg Forberger, Basel: Samuel Apiarius for Pietro Perna, 1574, sig. A2r–A5r = pag. iii–ix [BP151]
Forberger expresses admiration for Theophrastus Paracelsus, whose works, despite facing criticism, are cherished by many for their profound insights into natural arts and medicine. Forberger highlights the division in public opinion about Paracelsus, noting that while some scorn his contributions, a significant number of both learned and unlearned individuals find great value and enlightenment in his writings.
To support the dissemination of Paracelsus's knowledge and to aid those who appreciate the natural sciences without prejudice, Forberger has decided to publish a booklet on Tartaric diseases, specifically addressing conditions like stone and gout, among other topics. He assures readers of the authenticity and completeness of the text, having transcribed it personally from Paracelsus's own handwriting.
Forberger also encourages others who possess unpublished works of Paracelsus to publish them for the benefit of future generations and the advancement of knowledge. He dedicates the booklet to Hans Heinrich vom Rhein, acknowledging Rhein's interest in Paracelsus's work and his generous support.

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from: Basilus Valentinus, TriumphWagen Antimonii, ed. Johann Thölde, Leipzig: Jacob Popporeich for Jacob Apel, 1604
The poem praises Thölde for his significant contribution to publishing the works of Basil Valentine. Forberger highlights the exceptional quality of these works, describing them as bright, true, and sacred. He acknowledges that Thölde faced envy and opposition from others but commends his dedication to the public good and his pure spirit. The poem portrays Thölde as a man worthy of great honor for his efforts in disseminating valuable knowledge. Forberger encourages Thölde to continue his work in bringing such important texts to light, assuring him that his praise will reach the heavens.


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