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Source: Georg Fedro, Halopyrgice sive Jatrochemica pestis epidemicae curatio, Oder Warhafftige Cur der erschrecklichen Sucht der Pestilentz, Halle: Christoph Bismarck for Joachim Krusicke, no date [1612], sig. A2r–A2v [BP.Fedro.1612-01]

Summary: The author has come into possession of three rare treatises authored by Georg Fedro. These works, published many years ago in German, cover topics on the cure of epidemic plague, minor surgery, and a defense of the art of chemistry against its critics. Due to Fedro's untimely death, these publications have become exceedingly rare, to the point where no additional copies are available. The author acknowledges having these valuable texts, which have been admired by prominent physicians and enthusiasts of Astral Medicine for containing effective remedies for severe diseases. Responding to the encouragement of these medical professionals and aficionados, who have expressed a strong interest in the treatises and urged their republication, the author has decided to reprint these works for the benefit of those studying Hermetic doctrine. The author modestly sets their expectations regarding the reception of these reprints among the broader medical community, anticipating that while many may not appreciate the effort, a few might find the works valuable and express gratitude. The author concludes by expressing a hope to publish more in the future, should he live longer. (generated by ChatGPT)


[sig. A2r] Gvnstiger lieber Leser/ Ob es wol an dem/ daß der hocherleuchte vnd berühmbte Medicus vnd Philosophus Georgius Magnus Phædro vor langen Jaren drey herrlicher Tractätlein/ das erste/ de Epidemicæ pestis curatione, das ander Chirurgiam minorem, das dritte eine Apologiam contra artis Chemicæ osores, in Deutscher Sprache in Druck geben/ welche inmittels seines tödtlichen Abgangs so gantz vnd gar verrückt/ daß kein Exemplar mehr zubekommen. Wann dann solche Exemplaria noch bey mir vorhanden/ welche fürneme Medici vnd liebhaber der Astralischen Medicin bey mir gesehen/ vnd jhnen/ weil viel herrliche Medicamenta vor die morbos desperatos darinne zu befinden/ sehr wolfgefallen/ haben sie bey mir angehalten/ daß ich solche bey mir nicht verhalten/ sondern den filiis Hermeticæ doctrinæ zu gute wiederumb in Druck kommen lassen [sig. A2v] wolte. Als habe ich jhre Bitt bey mir stat finden vnd wieder aufflegen lassen. Vnd ob ich wol bey vielen Medicis/ denen solche nicht gefallen werden/ mich wenig Dancks zu vermuten/ wird doch etwan vnter zehen einer gefunden werden/ dem sie angenehm/ mir ein Deo gratias dafür wündschen/ vnd ferner Vrsach geben wird/ daß ich/ so mir Gott das Leben fristet/ noch etwas mehrers an Tag geben möchte. Vnd wolle dißmal hiemit der günstige Leser vor lieb nehmen/ vnd mich jhme in seinem Gebet zu Gott/ befohlen seyn lassen.

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Dear favorable reader, it is indeed true that the highly enlightened and renowned physician and philosopher Georg Fedro, many years ago, published three splendid treatises in the German language: the first on the cure of epidemic plague, the second a minor surgery, and the third an apology against the detractors of the art of chemistry, which have since become so scarce due to his untimely death that no copies are to be found. Since these copies are still in my possession, which prominent physicians and lovers of Astral Medicine have seen with me and found very pleasing due to the many excellent remedies for desperate diseases contained within, they have urged me not to keep these to myself but to republish them for the benefit of the sons of Hermetic doctrine. Therefore, I have acceded to their request and have had them reprinted. And although I expect little thanks from many physicians who may not appreciate them, perhaps one in ten will find them agreeable, offer me a Deo gratias in return, and provide further reason for me, if God spares my life, to publish even more in the future. For now, may the favorable reader kindly accept this and keep me in their prayers to God.