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no date [1555]

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Source: Paracelsus, Die groote Chirurgie, ed. Pieter Volck, Antwerpen: Gillis Coppens van Diest, 1556, sig. L1r [BP035]

Summary: The translator presents the work to the reader with confidence, having meticulously translated it and personally tested its contents in various challenging environments such as wars and natural disasters. With over a decade of experience serving emperors and kings, the translator found the work flawless, attributing any issues solely to personal oversight. The motivation behind the translation was to unveil an exceptional but previously obscured piece of work. The translator encourages the reader to approach the text with discernment, promising that its quality will become apparent through thoughtful engagement. Expressing readiness to undertake further efforts for the reader's benefit and the advancement of surgical knowledge, the translator concludes by entrusting the reader to God's guidance and strength. (generated by ChatGPT)


[f. 41r] Conclusie vanden translateur. Geminde Leser, ick leuere v alhier dit werck also ickt van woordt tot woordt getranslateert hebbe, ende twifele daer niet aen, ende weet dat oock wel deur die ghenade Gods, dat ghy wel vernuecht sult wesen, leest met verstande, beproeft, ende oerdeelt, dan so sal dat werck hemseluen prysen, ende v en sal gheen tegenspoet ter hant comen: want ick hebbet also besocht ende gheexperimenteert, in criich ende orlogen, in stormen ende slachten, daer ick Keyser ende Coninck ghedient hebbe meer dan veerthien oft viifthien Iaren: ende en hebbe gheen ghebreck daerinne geuonden, ten ware deur miin eyghen onachtsaemheyt. Want hadde ick eenich ghebreck hierinne gheuonden, ick en soudet gheensins getranslateert hebben: ende om dathet miin Ampt is, heeft my verdroten dat alsulcken excellenten werck verborghen bliuen soude. Ende indyen, beminde Leser, v minen cleynen arbeyt te danck behaecht, soe wil ick v wilt Godt de Heere int corte noch wat meer ter willen arbeyden, tot profiit van alle Chirurgiins, ende tot weluaren van alle siecken ofte crancken: Ende wil v hier mede den almogenden Godt beuelen die v in alle duechden wil stercken.

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Generated by ChatGPT on 14 February 2024. Attention: This translation is a machine translation by artificial intelligence. The translation has not been checked and should not be cited without additional human verification.
Conclusion from the translator. Beloved Reader, I deliver to you here this work as I have translated it word for word, and I do not doubt, and I also know through God's grace, that you will be well pleased. Read with understanding, test, and judge, then the work will praise itself, and you will not encounter adversity: for I have thus explored and experimented with it, in wars and battles, in storms and slaughters, where I have served Emperor and King for more than fourteen or fifteen years: and I have found no fault in it, except through my own negligence. For had I found any fault herein, I would not have translated it at all: and because it is my Profession, it grieved me that such an excellent work should remain hidden. And if, beloved Reader, you appreciate my modest effort, then, God willing, I am ready to labor a little more for your sake shortly, for the benefit of all Surgeons, and for the well-being of all the sick or ailing: And with this, I commend you to Almighty God who will strengthen you in all virtues.