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Dedicatory Letter to James VI and I, King of Scotland, King of England and Ireland

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Source: Francis Anthony, Medicinae chymicae, et veri potabilis auri assertio, Cambridge: Cantrell Legge, 1610, sig. ¶3r–¶3v [BP.Anthony.1610-01]


[sig. ¶3r] Iacobo D[ei] G[ratiae] Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciae, & Hyberniæ Regi, pio, prudenti, & semper Augusto.

Hominum studia in temporum revolutionibus miras subiere mutationes. Medicina ipsa aliquandò sincetiùs, quandoque remissius fuit tractata, vt annales ferunt. Tempore suo Hippocrates Artem hanc negligentiâ mutilam reperit: quam ille in ordinem redegit, restauravitq́ue restitutam, rursus inquinarunt posteriores. Ita sensim sine sensu pristinæ Philosophiæ splendor omnis evanuit. Singulis tamen semper in ætatibus singuli sunt reperti, quos in abdita Naturæ intromisit Deus pulsantes acriter: videlicet, veri diligentissimâ inquisitione, perseverantiâ in incæpto, & oratione piâ. Hæc sunt illa media quibus nituntur Philosophi, & multi his medijs assueti, ab exiguis [sig. ¶3v] principijs ad summa pervenerunt. Idem & nobis censeo faciendum qui humanæ saluti invigilamus, vt intueamur Naturam in intimis suis visceribus. Tum demum apparebit, quàm mirificè creatæ res maiestatem Creatoris nobis explicent. Liceat iam mihi (Serenissime Rex) in Medicinis exercitato, pro tenuitate meâ, illa de Medicina coram Celsitudine vestra palam effari, quæ ex proprijs lucubrationibus petita, in publicum patriæ meæ emolumentum permagni interesse confido. Sis mihi etiam propitius (ô Rex) vt sub tuæ Maiestatis tutela ac patrocinio, pauca hæc exire, atque in vulgus emanare liceat. Hæc in recessu maioira fortasse apparebunt, quàm primâ fronte promittunt. Sed qualia aut quanta sint, quoties cupieris in viva practica demonstrare paratus sum. Veram ideô illam, atque antiquissimam Hermeticam Medicinam diu sepultam tenebris, iamq́ue emergentem, pro Regio tuo munere ac multiplici doctrina subleves: vt omnibus patris patriæ muneribus perfunctus, vitam longam fœlicemq́ue ducas, & perennem gloriam pro benemeritis erga bonas artes posteris relinquas.

Ne iaceat sine patrocinio virtus.

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To James, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, pious, wise, and always August.

The pursuits of men have undergone strange changes through the revolutions of time. Medicine itself has at times been treated more earnestly, at other times more negligently, as the annals report. In his time, Hippocrates found this Art mutilated by neglect: which he organized and restored, only for it to be corrupted again by those who came after. Thus, gradually and imperceptibly, the entire splendor of ancient Philosophy vanished. Yet in every age, there have always been individuals whom God allowed to delve into the mysteries of Nature, knocking persistently: namely, through diligent search for truth, perseverance in their endeavors, and pious prayer. These are the means by which Philosophers strive, and many accustomed to these means have risen from humble beginnings to great heights. I believe the same should be done by us who watch over human health, that we should examine Nature in its innermost entrails. Only then will it become apparent how wonderfully created things explain the majesty of the Creator to us. Allow me now (Most Serene King) as one practiced in Medicine, in my modesty, to openly declare before Your Highness those things about Medicine which, derived from my own studies, I trust to be of great benefit to the public good of my country. Be also gracious to me (O King), that under the protection and patronage of Your Majesty, these few works may be allowed to go forth and spread among the people. These may appear greater in retreat than they promise at first glance. But whatever their quality or magnitude, I am ready to demonstrate them in live practice as often as you wish. Therefore, support that true and most ancient Hermetic Medicine, long buried in darkness and now emerging, with your royal gift and manifold learning: so that, having performed all the duties of a father to the country, you may lead a long and happy life, and leave eternal glory for your merits towards the fine arts to posterity.

Lest virtue lie without protection.