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  • Poem, Guillaume Dubroc to Gaston Duclo; Latin
Source: Gaston Duclo, Apologia argyropoeiae et chrysopoeiae, Nevers: Pierre Roussin, 1592, sig. Ee2r–Ee2v [BP.Duclo.1590-01] [see also BP.Duclo.1598-01]
The text criticizes Erastus's condemnation of Chrysopoeia (alchemical gold-making) and suggests that his critique is less biting than that of another critic, Theon. Despite the criticism, the speaker has defended the art, quelling the flames of envy and reviving the practice through their own works, specifically Argyropoeia. The speaker concludes by expressing confidence that this defense and revival of alchemy will bring them glory and rewards commensurate with their scholarly efforts.

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