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from: Basilius Valentinus, Ein kurtzer summarischer Tractat. Von dem grossen Stein der vhralten, ed. Johann Thölde, Johann Schleer (Zerbst) for Jacob Apel (Leipzig), 1602
A significant book was published due to the collective request of many notable individuals. To honor Thölde's contributions, Bierbach crafted and penned a series of verses: The book itself is a treasure trove of knowledge, blending art with profound secrets. It is intended as a manifestation of God's gifts, revealing the wisdom bestowed upon nature. The content spans the vastness of creation, both earthly and celestial, delving into the mysteries of how all things grow and originate from the elements. It covers a wide array of topics, from the sustenance and maintenance of life on Earth to the exploration of the inherent powers and virtues found in animals, herbs, and metals, along with other remarkable phenomena.
This compilation of wisdom was originally left by Basilius Valentin, a spiritual man recognized for his deep understanding of the natural world. Valentin, regarded as a divinely inspired physician, was celebrated for his profound grasp of the fundamental principles of all things. The preface concludes with an acknowledgment of Johan Tholden's efforts in bringing this work to print. Tholden, hailing from Hesse and now known in Franckenhausen, is commended for his dedication and diligence in making this valuable knowledge accessible. The author expresses gratitude to Tholden and calls for further engagement with his work, while also invoking God's blessings for him, both in this life and beyond.


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