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Printing Privilege
Brussels, 8 June 1555

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Source: Paracelsus, Die groote Chirurgie, ed. Pieter Volck, Antwerpen: Gillis Coppens van Diest, 1556, sig. a1v [BP035]


[sig. a1v] Die K[oninklijke] M[ajesteit] heeft toeghelaten, gheoirloft, ende gepermitteert, M[eester] Peeteren Volck Holst Chirurgiin, desen tegenwoordigen boeck ghenaempt De groote Chirurgie, &c. (nae dysen by visitatie ende approbatie ghebleken is dathet niet quaets en is begrypende) te moghen doen prenten, vercoopen, ende distribueren alōme waer dat hem gelieuen sal. Ende also heeft de selue K[oninklijke] M[ajesteit] gheinterdiceert ende verboden allen anderen prenters ende librariers tvoorghenoemde boeck in vier Iaren naestcomende nae te prenten, op de pene ende confiscatie vanden boecken also naegheprint, ende daer en bouen te incurreren tot behoef vanden voerseyden M[eester] Peeteren suppliant, damende van twintich Karolus gulden, by elcken vanden ghenen die de contrarie daeraf doen sal. Ghegeuen inder stadt van Brussele den .viii. dach van Iunio, Anno .xvc.LV. Onderteekent Facuwez.

Modern English Raw Translation

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The Royal Majesty has allowed, authorized, and permitted Master Peeteren Volck Holst, Surgeon, to print, sell, and distribute everywhere at his pleasure this present book named The Great Surgery, etc. (after it has been shown by inspection and approval that it contains nothing evil). And thus, the same Royal Majesty has interdicted and forbidden all other printers and booksellers from reprinting the aforementioned book for the next four years, under penalty and confiscation of the books so reprinted, and furthermore, to incur for the benefit of the said Master Peeteren petitioner, a fine of twenty Carolus guilders, by each of those who will do the contrary. Given in the city of Brussels on the eighth day of June, in the year 1555. Signed Facuwez.