Postface 1, no date (1581), Gerhard Dorn to the Reader (BP185)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Gerhard Dorn
Recipient: Reader
Type: Postface
Date: no date
Place: 1581
Pages: 4
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Gerhard Dorn, Fasciculus Paracelsicae medicinae, Frankfurt am Main: Johann Spieß 1581, f. 68r [BP185]
CP: Not in Kühlmann/Telle, Corpus Paracelsisticum
Translation: Raw translation see below
Abstract: The text discusses the preparations of medicines and emphasizes the importance of their use and application in treating diseases. The author avoids unnecessary prefaces and focuses on presenting practical information without arrogance or pompous eloquence. The writings are intended for chosen physicians who have entered their profession through the door of calling and readily allow themselves to be disposed to choice. The author warns against those who violently and rashly thrust themselves into the medical profession without any calling. The text concludes by urging readers to adapt the prescribed preparations to the use in treating diseases. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[f. 68r] Conclvsio praeparationvm.

Hactenus quæ de medicamentorum præparationibus dicta sunt, vsum & applicationem requirunt. Proinde ad morbos ipsos accelerandum esse duximus opportunum, omissis multis inutilibus præfationibus, quæ nulli negotio magis quàm replendæ papyro conueniunt. Nostrum enim non est institutum centones in medium proferre, sed pauca sine fastu pompáve sermonis eliquentiæ, quæ, sola experientia, atque veritatis ornatu decorata, non verentur cum cæteris in lucem prodire, veris medicis proponere, qui non per fenestram, sed per ostium ad suam intrearunt professionem. Multi ad medicinam vocati sunt, pauci verò electi. Eorum autem qui præter vllam vocationem violenter, atque temere sese in eam ingerunt, infinitus est numerus. Non postremis hæc, sed electis duntaxat, ijsq́ue vocatis, qui ad electionem disponi se facilè patiuntur, scripta sunt. Habeant igitur isti nostros qualescunque labores, ac potiantur eis, quos æquo & liberali animo libenter suscipimus, in congerendis tanquam in fasciculum Paracelsi flosculis. Ad curas igitur morborum vt veniamus, hac secunda parte præscriptas præparationes, est quod in vsusm adaptemus.

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Conclusion of Preparations.

So far, what has been said about the preparations of medicines requires use and application. Therefore, we have deemed it appropriate to hasten to the diseases themselves, omitting many useless prefaces that are more suitable for filling paper than for any business. For our purpose is not to produce centos, but to express a few things without arrogance and pompous eloquence, which, adorned only by experience and the ornament of truth, do not hesitate to come to light with the others, to be proposed to true physicians who have entered their profession not through the window, but through the door. Many are called to medicine, but few are chosen. However, the number of those who violently and rashly thrust themselves into it without any calling is infinite. These writings are not addressed to the latter, but only to the chosen ones, and to those who readily allow themselves to be disposed to choice. Let them have our labors, whatever they may be, and let them enjoy them, which we gladly undertake with a fair and liberal mind, as we gather them together like flowers into Paracelsus's bundle. Therefore, in order to come to the cares of diseases, we must adapt the preparations prescribed in this second part to their use.