Notice, no date (1581), Gerhard Dorn to the Critic (BP185)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Gerhard Dorn
Recipient: Critic
Type: Notice
Date: no date
Place: 1581
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Gerhard Dorn, Fasciculus Paracelsicae medicinae, Frankfurt am Main: Johann Spieß 1581, sig. (*)1v [BP185]
CP: Not in Kühlmann/Telle, Corpus Paracelsisticum
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Admonitio ad Zoilvm.

Non priusquàm intelligas temerè iudicato, ne præceps in casses quos alteri paras adhuc, turpiùs incideris, & calumniæ conuitiaq́ue tua, quibus vteris, in tuum redundent caput. Facile vitium est alios carpere, notas autem repræhensionis euitare difficilimum ipus. Cæterùm crede Deum esse vindicem iniuriarum, ex inuidia vel ambitione, siue malè, siue bene meritis illatarum, item occultæ obstinatæq́ue maliciæ reuelatorem. Fidere viribus & ingenio, quid aliud est quàm vnà cum Golia gigante cadere sub imbelli puero? Non iuuant hoc loco sophismata, nihil per sinistram interpretationem palliatæ propositiones, minùs scriptorum corruptiones. Veritas ipsa per se debellabit inimicos, omnemq́ue vindicabit iniuriam, non sine maxima gigantum ignominia. Quid adhuc habes quod nobis abijcias, præter incultum sermonem? Inde patet Paracelsum & suos, non Ciceronis, non Aristotelis, non Galeni, nec aliorum istius farinæ hominum esse discipulos, sed veritatis, quæ nullo pallio, nullaq́ue larua indiget, quinimò nuda belligeros armatosq́ue Sophistas omnes prosternit.

English Raw Translation

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A warning to the critic.

Before you judge recklessly, understand that if you rush into criticizing others without careful consideration, you may fall into disgrace by revealing your own calumnies and insults, which will come back to haunt you. It is easy to criticize others, but difficult to avoid being criticized yourself. However, believe that God is the avenger of injustices, whether they are caused by envy or ambition, or by good or bad deeds, and that He is also the revealer of hidden and obstinate malice. To trust in your own strength and intellect is to fall, like the giant Goliath, before an unarmed boy. Sophisms are of no help here, nor are twisted interpretations or corrupt writings. Truth itself will defeat its enemies and vindicate all wrongs, but not without the greatest shame for all those who oppose it. What more do you have to say to us, besides your uncivilized speech? This is proof that Paracelsus and his followers are not disciples of Cicero, Aristotle, Galen, or others of their ilk, but of the truth, which needs no cloak or mask and which, on the contrary, defeats all the armed and belligerent Sophists.