Postface, no date (1553), Philippus Hermanni to the Reader (BP032)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Philippus Hermanni
Recipient: Reader
Type: Postface
Date: no date [1553]
Pages: 2
Language: Dutch
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Philippus Hermanni, Die Peerle der Chirurgijen, Antwerpen: Jan Roelants 1553, f. 54v–55r [BP032]
CP: Not in Kühlmann/Telle, Corpus Paracelsisticum
Translation: Raw translation see below
Abstract: Hermanni urges readers to judiciously apply the medical knowledge from his book, emphasising the importance of ethical medical practice. He implores readers not to harm patients and to strive for perfection in their work. Hermanni also underscores the need to continually review and understand the book's contents, and to apply the remedies it describes. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[f. 54v] Hjer mede seer gheminde Leser bidde ick v dat ghy desen mijnen ghewillighen arbeyt in dancke wilt nemen ende met verstant ouerlesen/ ende nae dye Lesinghe dye Recepten te wercke setten/ soo moecht ghy proeuen wat ick v gheleert hebbe ende dye Patienten met gheruster herten Cureren dye seer veel nv ter tyt Godt betert bedoruen worden/ op dat sulckx door v nyet en gheschiede/ soo ouerleest dit Boeck sonder nijt/ al ist dat ick v somtijts raken mach op v seer/ denckt dat dat gheschiet is om v meerder goet te doen door de Leeringhe dan quaet door de berispinghe/ weest my nyet hatich maer weest den verderuen hatich/ want dat sal v af gheeyscht worden hier nae/ ende en segt nyet ick hebbe mijn beste ghedaen/ want ten is daer nyet mede ghenoech/ maer siet dat ghy perfect wordt in der Const op dat ghy dan met der waerheyt moecht segghen ick hebbe tbeste ghedaen dat is ick hebbe den Siecken oft den Patient ghenesen dat ist beste ghedaen/ ende dat is tghene dat God dye Heere begheert hat wy doen sullen/ op dat wy den naem van Meester oft Chirurgus nyet en draghen om ghelt te winnen alleen ende den Patient te bederuen/ maer om te ghenesen ende in zijnder noot te helpen ende by testaen/ Ende hoe ghy dat doen sult moghen dat hebbe ich v hier in ghenoech gheopenbaert/ Daerom leest ende herleest dit Boeck/ op dat ghy den sin te beter moecht verstaen/ ende en wilt het Jnhoudt des Boeckx nyet voor wint achten/ maer stelt [f. 55r] dhye Remedien te wercke als ghy hier gheleert wort ghy sult prijs ende eere behalen ende profijt aen lijf ende aen siele. Nv ten Besluyte so bidde ic den Almoghenden God dat hy v late inder rechter Const voort varen in zijnder vreesen ende in alder Liefden teghen uwen Patienten/ den seluen danckende dat hy ons ghespaert heeft tot dat wy dit ons voorghenomen Werck voldaen hebben. Lof Glorie ende Danck sy hem inder eewicheyt. Amen.

English Raw Translation

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Hereby, esteemed Reader, I ask that you accept this labour of mine with gratitude and read it with understanding, and after reading put these recipes to work. So you may test what I have taught you and treat patients with a more tranquil heart, those who are often poorly treated in these times, God improve it. So that such does not happen through you, read this book without envy, even if I sometimes may touch a sore spot. Think that this is done more to benefit you through teaching than to harm you through reproach. Do not be resentful towards me, but resent the ruin, as this will be demanded from you hereafter. And do not say, I have done my best, for that is not enough, but strive to be perfect in the art, so that you may truthfully say, I have done what is best, that is, I have healed the sick or the patient, that is what is best done. And this is what God the Lord desires us to do, so that we do not carry the name of Master or Surgeon to only make money and harm the patient, but to heal and assist in their need and stand by them. And how you should do this, I have sufficiently revealed to you here. Therefore, read and re-read this book, so that you may better understand its meaning, and do not take the content of this book lightly, but put the remedies into practice as you are taught here. You will gain praise and honor and benefit both in body and soul. Now in conclusion, I pray to Almighty God that He lets you continue in the right art, in His fear, and in all love towards your patients, thanking Him that He has spared us until we have completed this work we have planned. Praise, glory and thanks to Him in eternity. Amen.