Poem, (1602), Anonymous to the Reader

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Anonymous
Recipient: Reader
Type: Poem
Date: [1602]
Pages: 1
Language: German, Latin
Quote as: https://www.theatrum-paracelsicum.com/index.php?curid=5741
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Basilius Valentinus, Ein kurtzer summarischer Tractat. Von dem grossen Stein der vhralten, ed. Johann Thölde, Johann Schleer (Zerbst) for Jacob Apel (Leipzig) 1602, sig. A1v [BP.BasVal.1602-01]
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Ad lectorem.

Mein lieber Leser wer du bist/
Vrtheil diß buch nicht/ ehe dus list/
Damit du nicht auff blossen schein
Richtest/ was dem ist gschrieben ein.
Sondern zuuor nimb acht im Sinn/
Was jedes Wort helt bey sich inn/
So wirstu weißlich vrtheilen recht
Wer Bischoff oder Badersknecht/
Kein Vrtheil wird erkandt zum endt/
Das Recht hab dann sein lauff vollendt.

English Raw Translation

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Dear reader, whoever you are, do not judge this book before you have read it, so that you don't judge based on mere appearances. Instead, first consider carefully the meaning inherent in each word. Then you will be able to judge wisely and correctly, whether the author is a bishop or a barber's apprentice. No judgment should be finalized until the law has fully run its course.