Dedication 2, no date (1569), Gerhard Dorn to Karl II., Markgraf von Baden-Durlach (BP111)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Gerhard Dorn
Recipient: Karl II., Markgraf von Baden-Durlach
Type: Dedication
Date: no date [1569]
Pages: 3
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Paracelsus, De præsagiis, vaticinijs & Diuinationibus, ed. Gerhard Dorn, Basel: Pietro Perna 1569, sig. a2r-a3r [BP111]
CP: Not in Kühlmann/Telle, Corpus Paracelsisticum
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Abstract: Dorn discusses his efforts to translate the philosophical works of Theophrastus Paracelsus from German into Latin for a wider audience. He reveals that certain Astronomical and Astrological works of Paracelsus have recently come to his attention. These works only contain a portion of Paracelsus's ideas, but Dorn believes they hold great value. He expresses his commitment to make these teachings accessible to foreign nations like France and Italy, believing that wisdom is not only for one's own benefit, but for the collective good. He requests Prince Charles's support and patronage to assist in his endeavors. Dorn hopes that with the Prince's backing, they could resist those opposing the truth and complete this important work for the benefit of all. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. a2r] Illvstrissimo Principi Carolo Marchioni Badensi et Hachbergensi, Landtgrauio in Susenberg, Domino in Retel, Badenuuiler, &c. Salus.

Postquam Theophrasti Paracelsi Philosophiæ magnæ fragmenta quædam, & Germanico sermone latinitati tradidissem, ut ab exteris etiam nationibus intelligerentur, Illustrissimæque Celsitati Tuæ dedicassem, cuius quidem philosophiæ libros tot, quot capitula hucusque promulgata sunt, adhuc requiri series ipsa demonstrat, & quos carceribus quibus detinentur à plurimis annis, quum in lucem emerserint, Deo dante dabimus operam, ut & ipsi peregrinis innotescant sub tuo nomine: [sig. a2v] tandem inciderunt alia quædam Astronomica & Astrologica eiusdem authoris, quæ Theoriam tantùm septem librorum practicorum, etiam desideratorum habent artis integræ sed mutilatæ hactenus, & sub unica specie restrictæ, cùm quinque summè necessarias contineat Astronomia nempe uera. Micis itaque satiati, donec præceptoris nostri libros integros inuidia detentos habeamus, totis conamur uiribus, ut bonos discipulos decet, præceptorium nomen, Germaniæque disciplinarum decus latebris eruere: tum eorum quibus fruimur laudabilium & uerarum artium sitibundos extraneos ut Germanos inferiores, Gallos, Italos, &c. tantæ doctrinæ sapientiæque participes facere: cum nobis non solis, at proximis etiam nati simus omnes. Conatus igitur [sig. a3r] nostros Illust[rissime] Princeps, quòd honesti pijque sint, iuuare qui potes etiam, & prouehere fauore patrocinioque tuo digneris precor. Sic fiet ut ab eorum qui ueritati resistere nituntur liuore denteque tuti, Reipub[licæ] literariæ communique summè necessarium opus adimplere possimus, Vale Serenissime Princeps & fœlix uiue.

Illust[rissimæ] C[elsitudinis] T[uæ]


Gerhardus Dorn.

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To the Most Illustrious Prince Charles, Margrave of Baden and Hochberg, Landgrave in Sausenberg, Lord of Rötteln, Badenweiler, &c., Greetings.

After I had translated certain fragments of the great Philosophy of Theophrastus Paracelsus from the German language into Latin, so that they might be understood by foreign nations, and dedicated them to Your Most Illustrious Highness, the continued demand for this philosopher's books, as many as the chapters that have been published so far, demonstrates the need for more. These works, which have been detained in prisons for many years, once they emerge into the light, God willing, we will work to make known to foreigners under your name.

At last, certain Astronomical and Astrological works of the same author have come to my attention, which only contain the Theory of seven practical books, still desired, of the complete but hitherto mutilated art and restricted under a single aspect, while it contains five very necessary Astronomies, namely true ones. Therefore, satisfied with crumbs until we have our master's complete books, which envy has detained, we strive with all our might, as good disciples should, to unearth the name of the teacher and the honor of German disciplines.

Then, to make those foreigners who are thirsty for commendable and true arts, such as the Germans, the French, the Italians, etc., participants in such great doctrine and wisdom, as we are not born only for ourselves, but for our neighbors as well. I therefore implore, Most Illustrious Prince, that you would deign to assist and advance our endeavors, because they are honorable and pious, with your favor and patronage. Thus, we may be able to complete a work of utmost importance for the literary Republic and the common good, safe from the spite and teeth of those who strive to resist the truth. Farewell, Most Serene Prince, and live happily.

Your Most Illustrious Highness's Servant,

Gerhardus Dorn.