Dedication, 1608-10-23, Anonymous (Israel Harvet) to Jacob Alstein

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Anonymous [Israel Harvet]
Recipient: Jacob Alstein
Type: Dedication
Date: 23 October 1608
Place: Orléans
Pages: 6
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Hermetis Trismegisti tractatus vere aureus, ed. Dominicus Gnosius, Leipzig: Valentin Am Ende for Thomas Schürer 1610, sig. )(5r-)(7v [BP.Harvet.1610-01]
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Abstract: Israel Harvet dedicates his philosophical work to Alstein, a renowned Theosophist, Jurist, and Physician, respected across Europe. Harvet equates himself to fire, bending all objects into his nature over time, and metaphorically softening even the most steadfast minds. He presents his philosophical writings to Alstein, suggesting their shared intellectual struggle, in which Harvet ultimately aims to be victorious, is akin to the biblical struggle of Jacob and Israel. Harvet acknowledges Alstein's superiority in experience and judgement, requests his understanding, and promises more refined works in the future, with divine allowance. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. )(5r] Philosopho ter Maximo, Theosopho : Jurisperito : Medico Hoc est, Comiti Palatino Dn. Jacobo Alsteinio Patritio Romano: Equiti aurei calcaris, & Regiæ Majestati in Gallijs à consilijs valetudinis. S[alutem] P[lurimam] D[icit].

Quemadmodum Chymici Philosophi solent omnes mundi Lapides in tres præcipuos, tanquam generales reducere, in animalem videlicet, vegetalem & mineralem: Sic Tu quoque, Alsteini, vir inclyte, Patrone & Mecœnas [sig. )(5v] summe observande, qui à cunctis nomen habes Lapidibus, hac principali nominum triplicitate conspicuè adornatus, instar stellæ matutinæ præ multis alijs fulges: & sic es Theosophus: Jurisperitus; & medicus. Liberæ enim ac supercœlestis Civitatis municeps factus, hanc à Deo nactus es gratiam, ut cum quibus vis, etiam summi judicij Theologis conferre poßis. Aurei verò calcaris Eques, imperterrefacto animo accipis armaturam, & armas te ad Pseudojuridicorum, passim hinc in mundo occursantium ultionem. Induis enim pro thorace justitiam, & accipis pro Galeâ judicium certum: & sumis tandem scutum inexpugnabile æquitatis, ut illos in auream justitiæ veritatisq́ue viam reducas. Quanta etiam tua sit in Medicinâ præstantia, novit non tantum Gallia: verùm Anglia, Belgia, Helvetia, [sig. )(6r] Italia, Bohemia, Moravia, Hungaria, Polonia: imò tota etiam Germania. Quapropter non solùm Reges & Principes te magnifaciunt; sed summum totius Romani Imperij caput, te aliquoties ad colloquium Sophicum spontè accersi jußit. Ut autem paucis multa complectar, tot tantosq́ue honorum titulos unicus sub se comprehendit Comitatus Palatinatus, hoc est Privilegium & libertas in splendidißimum & sacrum Philosophorum palatium ingrediundi: ex quo solo hujusmodi dignitatum ornamenta, tanquam spolia Achyllis ex bello Trojano reportasti. Sed quæris fortaßè, quisnam ego sim Anonymus, qui tam audacter te compellare audeam? Dicam id, & hoc quidem Disticho:

Ignis me genuit: sic nomen ab igne resumo:
Non secus ac Lapidis tu quoque nomen amas,

Jam quidem satis me nosse debebas: sed [sig. )(6v] propter alios imbecillioris judicij, nominis mei rationem luculentiùs exponam. Vulcani naturam habeo, omniaq́ue corpora, quibus cunque subijcior, temporis longinquitate demulceo, & in meam verto naturam subtilem & spiritualem: imò lapidem ipsum, quamvis compactißimum & Adamantis instar durißimum, tandem flecto, solvo, & in tantam adduco mollitiem, ut ceræ iinstar fluat. Mollior hactenus, an durior mihi factus sis, ô Alsteini, nondum sat constat. Hoc tamen scio, quia & Jacob diceris, me jampridem à te supplantatum. Sed diuturniori hac supplantatione quid quæso effectum iri putas? supplantator nimirum Tu, me tandem victorem sine dubio reddes: sicq́ue Tu Jacobus, ego verò, qui igneâ virtute tandem prævalebo, Israel vocabimur: & sub duobus his nomini- [sig. )(7r] bus, uno eodemq́ue animorum consensu & conspiratione, constanter invicem juncti permanebimus. Ulterius nihil addens de nomine, hunc saltem fœtum meum Philosophicum, abortium quidem & tumultuarium tibi legendum examnandumq́ue offero: in quo præter infinita alia, quæ brevitatis causa nunc omitto, hoc unum haud dubiè improbabis, quod à consveto Philosophorum tramite discedens, de tantis mysterijs, paulò liberiùs, quàm par sit, scribam. Sed utut se res habeat, non tamen id, qualecunque tandem sit, rudiori promiscuæq́ue plebeculæ objectandum esse censui, priusquàm tuæ subijcerem censuræ. Multo enim rerum usu, me longè antecellis, ita ut tuo judicio, tanquam firmo & solido lubens meritòq́ue acquiescam. Te igitur vehementer etiam atque etjam rogatum volo: ut id placido sere- [sig. )(7v] noq́ue accipias vultu: meq́ue tibi unicè commendatum habeas: majora verò magisq́ue expolita aliquando à me, si Deus longiorem mihi vitæ usuram concesserit, expectes. Vale. Aurelijs ad Ligirim, 23. Octobr[is] Anno recuperatæ salutis 1608.

Tuæ Magnif[icientiae] Subjectissimus Anonymus.

Sap[ientiae] 3.

Fulgebunt justi, & tanquam scintillæ in arundineto discurrent.

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To the most learned Philosopher, Theosophist, Jurist, Doctor, that is, Count Palatine, Mr. Jacob Alstein, Roman Citizen: Knight of the golden spur, and health councilor to His Royal Majesty in France, best regards.

Just as Philosophical Chemists tend to reduce all the stones of the world into three main ones, namely animal, vegetable, and mineral: So you too, Alstein, renowned man, highly respected Patron and Maecenas, who are named by all these Stones, notably adorned by this principal triplicity of names, you shine like the morning star among many others: and so you are a Theosophist: Jurist; and a physician. Having become a citizen of the Free and Supernal City, you have received this grace from God, that you can converse with anyone you wish, even with theologians of the highest judgement. But as a Knight of the golden spur, you accept armor and arm yourself with unwavering spirit for the revenge against False-Jurists, who occur here and there in the world. For you put on justice as a breastplate, and you take certain judgement for a helmet: and finally, you take up the impregnable shield of equity, so that you may lead them back onto the golden path of justice and truth. Your excellence in Medicine is known not only in France: but also in England, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Bohemia, Moravia, Hungary, Poland: indeed, the whole of Germany. Hence, not only Kings and Princes magnify you; but the supreme head of the entire Roman Empire, spontaneously summoned you several times for Sophic conversation. However, to sum up many things in a few words, the unique title of Count Palatine encompasses all these honors, that is, the Privilege and freedom to enter the most splendid and sacred palace of Philosophers: from which alone, you brought back such adornments of dignity, like the spoils of Achilles from the Trojan war. But perhaps you are asking, who am I, the anonymous one, who dares to address you so boldly? I will tell you, and with this Distich:

Fire begot me: thus I take my name from fire: Just as you too love the name of the Stone,

By now you should have known me well enough: but for others of weaker judgement, I will more clearly explain the reason for my name. I have the nature of Vulcan, and I soften all bodies to which I am applied over time, and turn them into my subtle and spiritual nature: indeed, even the stone itself, however compact and as hard as a diamond, I eventually bend, dissolve, and bring to such a softness, that it flows like wax. Whether you have so far become softer or harder to me, oh Alstein, is not yet clear. However, I know this, because you are also called Jacob, that I have been supplanted by you a long time ago. But what do you think will be achieved with this longer-lasting supplantation? Surely, you as a supplanter, will eventually make me the victor without a doubt: thus you will be called Jacob, and I, who will finally prevail with fiery strength, will be called Israel: and under these two names, with one and the same consensus and conspiracy of spirits, we will remain constantly joined together. Without further comment on the name, at least I offer this my philosophical offspring, indeed chaotic and turbulent, to be read and examined by you: in which, besides infinite other things, which I now omit for the sake of brevity, this one thing you will undoubtedly disapprove of, that departing from the usual path of Philosophers, I write about such great mysteries, a bit more freely than is proper. But however it may be, I did not think it was to be presented to the more inexperienced and general populace, before I subjected it to your judgment. For with much experience of things, you far surpass me, so that I gladly and rightly rest on your judgment, as firm and solid. Therefore I fervently ask you again and again: that you receive it with a serene and calm face: and that you have me recommended to you alone: and that you expect more and more polished things from me someday, if God grants me a longer use of life. Farewell. In Aurelijs on the Ligirim, 23rd of October, in the year of the recovered salvation 1608.

Your Most Subject Anonymous.

Wisdom 3.

The righteous will shine, and run like sparks among the stubble.