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from: Hermetis Trismegisti tractatus vere aureus, ed. Dominicus Gnosius, 1610
Israel Harvet dedicates his philosophical work to Alstein, a renowned Theosophist, Jurist, and Physician, respected across Europe. Harvet equates himself to fire, bending all objects into his nature over time, and metaphorically softening even the most steadfast minds. He presents his philosophical writings to Alstein, suggesting their shared intellectual struggle, in which Harvet ultimately aims to be victorious, is akin to the biblical struggle of Jacob and Israel. Harvet acknowledges Alstein's superiority in experience and judgement, requests his understanding, and promises more refined works in the future, with divine allowance.
from: Hermetis Trismegisti tractatus vere aureus, ed. Dominicus Gnosius, 1610
The postface is a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Jacob Alstein, the author's mentor and guide. The author attributes his philosophical advancements to Alstein's insightful conversations, comparing their impact to the teachings of Alexander the Great. He discusses the pursuit of truth, the significance of faith, and condemns superficial learning, emphasizing that true wisdom is often sought by only a few. He reflects on the paradox of earthly pursuits versus divine wisdom, using alchemy as a metaphor. Citing the wisdom of philosophers Hermes and Alan, the author advises devotees to place their love for God above their pursuit of philosophical knowledge. He asks Alstein to carefully examine and refine his work, and cautions others not to dismiss the work due to complex linguistic aspects.

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