Bibliographia Paracelsica/BP.Fedro.1611-01

From Theatrum Paracelsicum


Georg Fedro: Opuscula Iatro-Chemica quatuor, ed. by Johann Andreas Schenck. Frankfurt am Main: Johann Wolff for Anton Humm, 1611.
8°. Signatures: *4 A–H8 I4 = 72 fols. (144 pages) (autopsy).
[vii], [1 blank], 128, [7], [1 blank] pages. —
Main Language: Latin. —
Author: Georg Fedro
Printer: Johann Wolff
Publisher: Anton Humm
sig. *1r
Title page

sig. *1v
Blank page

sig. *2r–*3v [4 pages]
Preface by Johann Georg Schenck, addressed to the Reader; Latin
no place, no date

sig. *4r
Notice by [Johann Andreas Schenck], addressed to Reader; Latin

sig. *4v
Blank page

sig. A1r–D4v ‖ p. 1–56 [56 pages]
‘Praxis iatrochemica’, by Georg Fedro; Latin

sig. D5r–E2r ‖ p. 57–67 [11 pages]
‘Halopyrgice, sive chemica medica pestis epidemiae curatio’, by Georg Fedro; Latin
Reprinted from: BP.Fedro.1562-03

sig. E2v–F1r ‖ p. 68–81 [14 pages]
‘Chirurgia minor’, by Georg Fedro; Latin
Reprinted from: BP.Fedro.1562-04

sig. F1v–H8v ‖ p. 82–128 [47 pages]
‘Furnus chymicus in quo arcanorum praecipuorum compositiones denotantur’, by Georg Fedro; Latin

sig. I1r–I4r [7 pages]
Table of contents

sig. I4v
Blank page