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Georg Fedro: Chirurgia minor. Oder Aller offnen Schäden von grund innen herauß volkommene heilung. Ingolstadt: Alexander Weißenhorn and Samuel Weißenhorn, 1562.
VD16 F 687. —
4°. Signatures: A–C4 = 12 fols. (24 pages) (autopsy).
No pagination. —
Main Language: German. —
Pagination errors: [22], [2 blank].
Reprinted in: BP134.
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sig. A1r
Title page

sig. A3r–A3v [2 pages]
Poem by Hans Kilian, addressed to Georg Fedro; German
Neuburg an der Donau, 9 September 1562

sig. A4r–C3v [16 pages]
‘Chirurgia minor’, by Georg Fedro; German

sig. C4r–C4v [2 pages]
2 blank pages