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from: Opuscula quaedam Chemica, Frankfurt am Main: Johann Bringer, 1614
In this preface, the publisher highlights the inherent challenges and dangers in the practice of alchemy, a field characterized by its complexity and the shortness of human life compared to the vastness of alchemical knowledge. Bringer refers to Johannes Pontanus, an esteemed figure in alchemy, who confessed to making numerous errors before achieving success, underscoring the trial-and-error nature of the discipline. Emphasizing the value of ancient and reliable sources, Bringer argues that these seasoned authors, having witnessed and directly engaged with alchemical processes, offer more credible and less deceptive insights, despite sometimes being intentionally obscure. He mentions several key works and authors, noting their significance and rarity. Bringer proudly announces the restoration and revival of these texts, making them accessible and understandable to a broader audience. This preface serves as an introduction to a collection of important alchemical manuscripts, underscoring their historical and practical value in the field.

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