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Opuscula quaedam Chemica. Frankfurt am Main: Johann Bringer, 1614.
8°. Signatures: A–K8 = 80 fols. (160 pages) (autopsy).
157, [3 blank] pages (autopsy).
Main Language: Latin. —
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Munich, State Library

sig. A1r
Title page

sig. A1v
Blank page

sig. A2r–A3r [3 pages]
Preface by Typographus [Johann Bringer], addressed to the Reader; Latin

sig. A3v–C6r ‖ p. 6–43 [38 pages]
‘Medulla philosophiae chemicae’, by George Ripley; Latin

sig. A3v–A4r [2 pages]
Preface; Latin
Title: Præfatio autoris ad Canonicum Anglum
Title: Præfatio autoris ad Canonicum Anglum

sig. C6v–C8r ‖ p. 44–47 [4 pages]
‘Canones decem de lapide philosophorum’, by Anonymous; Latin

sig. C8v–F2v ‖ p. 48–84 [37 pages]
‘Speculum alchemiae’, by Helias Monachus; Latin

sig. F3r–G5v ‖ p. 85–106 [22 pages]
‘Chrysopoeiae compendium paraphrasticum’, by Giovanni Aurelio Augurelli; Latin

sig. G6r–K1v ‖ p. 107–146 [40 pages]
‘Clavis maioris sapientiae’, by Artefius; Latin

sig. K2r–K4r ‖ p. 147–151 [5 pages]
‘Epistola de lapide philosophorum’, by Johannes Pontanus; Latin

sig. K4r–K7r ‖ p. 151–157 [7 pages]
Letter by Gallus Etschenreuter, addressed to Guglielmo Grataroli; Latin
Sélestat, 16 August 1567
Edited by Kühlmann/Telle in Corpus Paracelsisticum 2, n° 78

sig. K7v–K8v [3 pages]
3 blank pages