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from: Henning Scheunemann, Paracelsia de morbo mercuriali contagioso, quem pestem vulgus nominat, Bamberg: Anton Horitz, 1608
The epigram draws a parallel between Scheunemann's contributions and the ancient Roman tradition of honoring warriors with Chaonian wreaths for protecting their comrades in war. The Romans would give laurel branches as a symbol of life preserved. Similarly, Scheunemann is commended for safeguarding his homeland, meriting significant honor for combating the widespread devastation caused by the Fates and plague. His medical expertise, likened to arrows in battle, has allowed him to emerge victorious against these formidable enemies. This victory has enabled people to walk safely without fear of death. The epigram concludes by stating that Henning Scheunemann deserves crowns from the Dodonian Nymph and rewards from Jupiter's grove, accolades traditionally reserved for followers of Phoebus, but in this case, uniquely earned by Henning Scheunemann alone.


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