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from: Thomas Erastus, Varia opuscula medica, ed. Giacomo Castelvetro, Frankfurt am Main: Johann Wechel, 1590
Castelvetro explains his decision to publish the writings of the learned Thomas Erastus, whom Castelvetro is connected to through marriage. Castelvetro emphasizes his dual motivation: to honor Erastus by preventing the suppression of his works and to benefit scholars who would gain from these writings. He expresses regret for the delay, attributing it to personal distractions. Castelvetro and his wife chose to publish under Prince Frederick's esteemed name, acknowledging the Prince's lineage's reverence for literature and Erastus's deep respect for Frederick's forebears. Castelvetro praises Frederick's love for literature, suggesting that his passion rivals that of the great Roman Princes. He refrains from detailing the achievements of Frederick's ancestors, as their renown is widely recognized. Instead, Castelvetro humbly requests Frederick's patronage and hopes for his favorable reception of the writings.

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