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Source: Basilius Valentinus, Von den Natürlichen vnnd vbernatürlichen Dingen, ed. Johann Thölde, Jacob Gaubisch (Eisleben) for Jacob Apel (Leipzig), 1603, sig. I4r [BP.BasVal.1603-01]
Theodoricus praises Johann Thölde for his alchemical work on the transformation of metals, likening raw matter to a formless entity that gains value through the alchemical process, symbolized as a "tincture." This process transforms base metals into ones of higher worth, much like giving form and beauty to the formless. Theodoricus commends Thölde for revealing these secrets of alchemy, suggesting that his contributions elevate the value of metals and deserve high praise and gratitude. The text, set in a metaphorical framework, highlights the transformative power of alchemy and Thölde's role in advancing this ancient science.

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