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Source: Gaston Duclo, Apologia argyropoeiae et chrysopoeiae, Nevers: Pierre Roussin, 1592, sig. )?(2r–)?(6r [BP.Duclo.1590-01] [see also BP.Duclo.1598-01]
Cornelius Sutor, the printer, ponders whether the criticisms and failures attributed to chemistry and alchemy are due to nature's malice or human folly, highlighting the ongoing debate between traditional medicine, represented by figures like Hippocrates and Galen, and the newer chemical practices. He argues that dismissing new knowledge outright in favor of ancient wisdom is unwise, noting that the science of medicine itself evolved from empirical observation, a point supported by Aristotle and Marcus Manilius.
Sutor defends Alchemy, emphasizing that true practitioners do not detract from nature but seek to understand and extend its principles. The criticism of Alchemy and Chemists is attributed to misunderstandings and the actions of impostors rather than the discipline itself. The letter mentions Gaston Duclo's work as a significant defense of Alchemy, showcasing its validity through rigorous argument and experiment. The book, first published in Geneva by Eustache Vignon, found eager readers and is in demand for a reprint, encouraged by notable figures. The author seeks Schefer's support to counter the unwarranted criticism of Alchemy, offering the letter as a gesture of respect and a plea for continued patronage and support.

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