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from: Basilius Valentinus, Ein kurtzer summarischer Tractat. Von dem grossen Stein der vhralten, ed. Johann Thölde, Johann Schleer (Zerbst) for Jacob Apel (Leipzig), 1602
The elegy praises both Basil Valentine and Thölde for their significant contributions to alchemy and philosophy. Basil Valentine is celebrated for his wisdom and artistry during a golden era of ancient knowledge. He is depicted as a figure of strength and dedication, pursuing a sacred path distinct from the idle crowds of the time. His work in alchemy, particularly with metals and natural elements, is highlighted as groundbreaking and deeply insightful. Waldenberger compares Valentine to historical figures like Zoroaster and Paracelsus, emphasizing his role as a healer of both body and soul. The text also touches upon Basil Valentine's lineage, tracing back to a noble family in Hesse, and his ancestors' service to the Landgraves. Thölde, on the other hand, is commended for his role in bringing Basil Valentine's work to light. He is portrayed as a learned and influential figure, actively engaged in the study of philosophy and nature. Waldenberger expresses gratitude to Thölde for not suppressing Valentine's work, allowing it to quench the intellectual thirst of readers.


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