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from: Basilus Valentinus, TriumphWagen Antimonii, ed. Johann Thölde, Leipzig: Jacob Popporeich for Jacob Apel, 1604
The poem extols the virtues of antimony. Emmenius describes antimony's journey from being undervalued and misunderstood, often compared to harmful substances by the ignorant, to its eventual recognition as a valuable material in medicine and alchemy. He references its historical suppression by figures like Momus and Midas and its comparison to the poisons mixed by witches. However, he notes that renowned figures like Pliny acknowledged its true worth among metals. Emmenius further highlights the advancements made by Paracelsus in understanding antimony, emphasizing its newfound respect and importance in healing arts. The text metaphorically describes antimony's triumph over ignorance and slander, portraying it as a powerful substance that has finally gained the recognition it deserves in the scientific and medical communities of his time.


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