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‘Symbolum Martiani Gorascii’,
Paratext to Marcjan Gorayski

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Source: Cornelis Drebbel, De quinta essentia Tractatus, ed. Joachim Morsius, No place, no printer, 1621, sig. C5r–C5v [BP.Drebbel.1621-01]

Summary: The text highlights a harmonious journey towards truth and wonder, guided by God, with Nature as a companion and experience as the guide. It describes an alchemical process involving the "shadow of the sun," mixed with fire and water to achieve a transformation that mirrors the progression from the moon's brightness to the sun's brilliance, symbolizing the attainment of ultimate knowledge or enlightenment. This process is likened to the "true Winged Hermes," which, despite lacking feathers, signifies swift transcendence. The text concludes with a caution against excessive curiosity and a reminder of the value of silence in the pursuit of wisdom, suggesting that understanding the nature and transformation of metals is akin to grasping deeper universal truths. (generated by ChatGPT)


[sig. C5r] Symbolum Generosissimi Baronis Poloni, Martiani Gorascii.
Mihi Gratia Dei Gloriosi, sola sufficit in æternum.
Vnum Omnia Clamant.
Deo Omni Faciente Duce,
Comite Natura, via experientia, pater facilis aditus ad arcem veritatis & mirabilitatis.

Habita umbra solis, misce illam, cum igne & aqua, tali adhibita proportione, ut actus ignis sentiatur, & Aquæ operatio videatur, per quæ umbra solis, claritatem Lunæ nanciscetur, & tandem succeßu temporis, ad splendorem solis perveniet: & hæc est vera Ales Hermetis, carens plumis, & omnia tamen velociter pervolans, de qua tot parabolæ, tot figuræ, tot libri.

Reuchlinus de verbo mirifico lib. 3. in fine.

En habes; Tene, audistin? Tace Tace, &c.

[sig. C5v] Nihil sapientiæ odiosus nimio acumine
Qui novit generationes metallorum, novit etiam eorum emendationes ac transmutationes.

Modern English Raw Translation

Generated by ChatGPT on 11 February 2024. Attention: This translation is a machine translation by artificial intelligence. The translation has not been checked and should not be cited without additional human verification.
The emblem of the Most Noble Polish Baron, Martian Gorascius. For me, the grace of the glorious God alone is sufficient forever. All proclaim the One. With God, the All-Maker as leader, Nature as companion, and experience as the path, the father provides easy access to the fortress of truth and wonder. Having obtained the shadow of the sun, mix it with fire and water in such a proportion that the action of the fire is felt, and the operation of the water is seen, through which the shadow of the sun will gain the brightness of the Moon, and eventually, over time, will reach the brilliance of the Sun: and this is the true Winged Hermes, lacking feathers, yet flying swiftly over everything, about which so many parables, so many figures, so many books. Reuchlin on the miraculous word, book 3, at the end. Behold, you have it; hold, have you heard? Be silent, be silent, etc. Nothing is more hateful to wisdom than too much sharpness. He who knows the generations of metals also knows their corrections and transformations.