Poem, (1621), D.P.A. to Peter Lauremberg

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: D.P.A.
Recipient: Peter Lauremberg
Type: Poem
Date: [1621]
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
Quote as: https://www.theatrum-paracelsicum.com/index.php?curid=5908
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Cornelis Drebbel, Tractatus duo, ed. Joachim Morsius, Hamburg: Heinrich Carstens 1621, sig. A3v [BP.Drebbel.1621-02]
Translation: Raw translation see below
Abstract: This text is a tribute to Petrus Lauremberg, highlighting his exceptional wisdom and contributions. Through an anagram of his name, it suggests that Lauremberg's work will bring fame to his city and beyond, likening his enduring impact to the evergreen laurel, a symbol of honor and glory. The comparison to Chrysa's praise for Apollo underscores Lauremberg's significant influence, suggesting that his legacy will flourish perpetually, much like the laurel's eternal greenery, enhancing his reputation and the esteem in which he is held. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. A3v] Ad Virum Excellentissimum & vndequaque Doctissimum, D[ominum] Petrum Laurembergium, anagramma:

Petrus Laurembergius
Per me laus urbi surget.
Semper Lauru Turgebis.
Quantum Chrysa suo laudatur Apolline: tanta
Per te Laus urbi genitali surget & orbi.
Et velut æterno Laurus decorata virore est;
Sic Semper Lauru, & famæ Turgebis honore.

D. P. A.

English Raw Translation

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To the Most Excellent and Learned Man in Every Respect, Lord Petrus Lauremberg, an anagram:

Petrus Laurembergius
Per me laus urbi surget (Through me, praise will rise for the city)
Semper Lauru Turgebis (You will always thrive with the laurel)

As much as Chrysa is praised by its Apollo, so much through you, praise will rise for the birth city and the world. And just as the Laurel is adorned with eternal greenery; So always with the laurel, you will swell with the honor of fame.