Poem, (1620), Petrus Finx to Joachim Morsius

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Petrus Finxius
Recipient: Joachim Morsius
Type: Poem
Date: [1620]
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
Quote as: https://www.theatrum-paracelsicum.com/index.php?curid=5903
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Cornelis Drebbel, De quinta essentia Tractatus, ed. Joachim Morsius, no place 1621, sig. A1v [BP.Drebbel.1621-01]
also in: BP.Drebbel.1621-02
Translation: Raw translation see below
Abstract: Finxius praises to Joachim Morsius’ virtuous pursuit of wisdom over material desires. He expresses hope that nature will reveal its secrets to Morsius, highlighting his dedication to wisdom from a young age and suggesting that his scholarly achievements will outlive him. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. A1v] Clariß[imo] Viro Iuveni,
D[omi]n[o] Joachimo Morsio.

Sic[v1] tibi, quod tanta, Morsi, virtute mereris,
Sponte sua pandat sacros natura recessus:
Vt te auri non dira fames, non ardor honorum,
Nec te traxit inops animi in sua castra voluptas,
Qui sophiam à primis, sic quærit sedulus annis,
Æternum manet invitâ vel morte superstes.

Amoris causâ scrib[it]
Petrvs Finxivs
Phil[osophiae] & Med[icinae] Doctor, Profeßor in inclitâ Ernestinâ Rintelonii.



  1. Sic] Si B

English Raw Translation

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To the Most Illustrious Young Man,
Mr. Joachim Morsius.

Thus, Morsius, may nature herself willingly unfold her sacred secrets to you, as you deserve by such great virtue: That neither the dire hunger for gold, nor the fervor for honors, nor the lack of spirit's desire for pleasure has drawn you into its ranks, you who from the earliest years diligently seek wisdom, remains eternally alive even against the will of death.

Written for the sake of love,

Petrus Finxius,
Doctor of Philosophy & Medicine, Professor at the renowned Ernestina of Rinteln.