Poem, no date (1567), Gilles Pinaut to Jacques Gohory (BP089)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Gilles Pinaut
Recipient: Jacques Gohory
Type: Poem
Date: no date [1567]
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
Quote as: https://www.theatrum-paracelsicum.com/index.php?curid=2067
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Jacques Gohory, Theophrasti Paracelsi philosophiæ et medicinæ utriusque universæ compendium, Paris: Philippe Gaultier dit Rouillé no date [1567], p. 83 [BP089]
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[p. 83] Gillii Pinavtii è græcolatinvm epigramma.

Græcia naturæ nunc contemplare ministrum,
Quum Paracelsæam conspicis effigiem.
Prisca ætate tuam quotquot coluere Mineruam
Græci: Germanus continet vnus homo.
Alter Hyperborea hic Anacharsis prodiit ora:
Ingenio Argiuas qui tibi pensat opes.
Illius è scriptis scrutari viscera terræ,
Excelsiq́ue potes scandere templa Poli.
Sicque maritare huic terræ cælestia dona,
Vt possis longos enumerare dies.
Explicat anfractus Labyrinthi, vt Theseüs alter,
Eloquio suauis, corde animóque Leo.
Hic reipsa dicto Theophrasti præbuit aurem:
Alterius ne sis, qui tuus esse potes.
Suauius eius opus longum contraxit in arctum,
Phœbi oracla potens hic reserare Leo.

English Raw Translation

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Now behold the minister of nature from Greece, as you gaze upon the likeness of Paracelsus. In ancient times, many Greeks honored your Minerva; a single German man now encompasses them all. Here, another Anacharsis emerged from the far north, one who weighs the riches of Argos with his intellect. From his writings, you can explore the depths of the earth and ascend to the lofty temples of the Pole.

In this way, he marries the heavenly gifts to the earth, so you may count the long days. He unravels the twists of the Labyrinth like another Theseus, eloquent and gentle, a lion in heart and spirit. In truth, he lent his ear to the sayings of Theophrastus; do not be another's, when you can be your own. With a sweet touch, he condensed his lengthy work into a narrow space, this powerful Leo can unlock the oracles of Apollo.