Poem, no date (1567), Pierre Morel to Jacques Gohory (BP089)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Pierre Morel
Type: Poem
Date: no date [1567]
Pages: 1
Language: Greek
Quote as: https://www.theatrum-paracelsicum.com/index.php?curid=2066
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Jacques Gohory, Theophrasti Paracelsi philosophiae et medicinae utriusque universae compendium, Paris: Philippe Gaultier dit Rouillé no date [1567], p. 82 [BP089]
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[p. 82] Πέτρου Μορέλλου Τουρονέως ἐπίγραμμα, πὲρὶ Θεοφράστον Παρακελσου, καὶ Λέοντος Σουαβίου, Ι. Γ. Π.

Ἑλλὰς ἐσαθρήσασα Θεοφράστου Παρακέλσου
Εἰκόνα, τῆς φύσεως φράζεό μοι προπόλον,
Κᾀκ παλαιῶν δὲ χρόνων μυστὰς κορύφωσον Ἀτήνης,
Εὐρήσεις τ’ ἀναμὶξ εἰν ἑνὶ πάντας ἔμεν.
Τὄυvεκεν, Ἑλλὰς, ἔχε στόμα φιμὸν. Ὑ περβόρέος σοι
Ἄντ’ Ἀναχάρσιδος ὤν ἀντιπελαργεῖ ὅδε.
Τοῦδε μάθοις βιβλίοις γαίης κευφεμῶνας ὀρύττειν,
Κᾀψίδος οὐρανίης εἰσαναβεῦαι ὄρη.
Τοῦδε μάθιος βιβλίοις φύσεως ζωαρκέα δῷρα,
Ὄφρ’ ἐναριθμιος ᾖς Μακροβίων συνόδῳ.
Τοῦδε κ’ ἐφημοσύνῃ, πινυτῷ τ’ ἀποφθέγματι πεισθεὶς,
Ἣν σὸς ἔμεν δύνῃαι, μὴ ἔσο ἀλλότριος.
Εἰ δ’ ἀγνοεῖς Λαβυρίνθου ἑλίσματα, τὴς δ’ ἀπερύξει
Πλαγκτοσύνεης Θησεὶς Σουάβιός σε Λέων
Ὃς σελίδας γὲ μακρὰς βραχείᾳ σύστε λε συνόψει,
Καὶ χρησμοὶς δυνατὸς Λοξίου ἐκφανεροῆν.

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Epigram of Petros Morellus of Tours, concerning Theophrastus Paracelsus and Leon Suavius, I.G.P.

Greece, having revived the image of Theophrastus Paracelsus, show me the gateway of nature and crown the mysteries of ancient times with the wisdom of Athena. You will find them all united in one. For this reason, Greece, keep your mouth silent. For you, this man rivals Anaxarchus, digging up the depths of the earth with his books and climbing the peaks of the heavenly vault. Learn from these books the life-bringing gifts of nature, so that you may be counted among the long-lived assembly. Persuaded by their teachings and the wise sayings, may you remain your own, not becoming a stranger. If you do not know the twists of the labyrinth, the Theban Lion, Suavius, will unweave it for you, who with a short verse can unravel long pages and is able to reveal the oracles of Apollo.