Theoria aus den cabalischen Gezeugnissen

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Eine wahrhafte gegründete Theoria aus den cabalischen Gezeugnissen Theophrasti
Von dem Ursprung und Höffel der Quinta Essentia

I. Basic information

Printing History, Manuscripts. First edited in 1608 by Benedictus Figulus. No manuscripts known.

Editions. Not edited by Huser or Sudhoff.

Relationship between different versions. Only one known version.

Structure, genre/form, perspective, style. Written in the third person.

Relationship to other texts. Connected by the usage of terms like “Höffel” and “Paradeiß Wasser” to Wahres Zeugnis von der Materia Lapidis Philosophorum (§ ‎4.55), also edited by Figulus.

Authenticity, authorship. Not directly attributed to Paracelsus, but allegedly an extract from “cabalistic testimonies of Theophrastus.” Probably written or compiled by Figulus himself; the text is signed on the last page: “Dixi ego B. F. P. L. C.,” i.e. “Stated by me, Benedictus Figulus, Poeta Laureatus Coronatus.”

Time of writing. Probably written in the 1600s.

II. Sources

Manuscripts: no manuscripts known

First printed:

  • 1608 (in: Rosarium novum olympicum et benedictum. Das ist: Ein newer Gebenedeyter Philosophischer Rosengart, ed. Benedictus Figulus (Basel, 1608); VD17 12:133068G; Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 482–485 n° 283)
III. Bibliography

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