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Source: Tractatus varii, de vera praeparatione et usu medicamentorum chymicorum, ed. Bernard Gilles Penot, Frankfurt am Main: Johann Feyerabend for Peter Fischer, 1594, sig. H3v = pag. 118 [BP.Penot.1594-01]

Summary: Penot comments on an anonymous treatise he encountered while sharing research on saltpeter with Wenceslaus Lavinus, a physician from Prague. Bernardus admires the unknown author's deep knowledge in various fields, including medicine. However, he faced challenges in transcribing a miscellaneous treatise provided by Lavinus due to its numerous errors, making it difficult to interpret. (generated by ChatGPT)


[p. 118] Auctoris huius tractatus nomen me latet[.] Quisquis fuerit haud dubiè rerum vniuersarum peritißimus fuit, & vtriusque medicinæ notitiam insignem habuit. Cum ego tractatum de sale nitro doctißimo viro VVenceslao Lauinio Pragensi Medico communicarem[m1], Is hunc Miscellaneum tractatum describendum dedit, qui tot erroribus scatebat, vt verum sensum vix elicere potuerim. Tu humane lector nostris lucubrationibus faue & boni consule. B[ernardvs] a Portv.



  1. In margin: Vbi hunc primò tractatum nactus sum.

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The name of the author of this treatise escapes me. Whoever he was, he was undoubtedly most knowledgeable about the universe's affairs, and had a remarkable knowledge of both kinds of medicine. When I was sharing a treatise on saltpeter with the most learned man, Wenceslaus Lavinus of Prague, a Physician, he gave this Miscellaneous treatise to be transcribed, which was so full of errors that I could scarcely bring out its true meaning. You, kind reader, favor our nocturnal labors and regard them kindly. Bernard [Penot] from Port.