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Poem for Israel Harvet

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Source: Israel Harvet, Confutatio causarum abstinentiae puellae Confolentaneae, Orléans: Saturnin Hotot, 1602, sig. E4v [BP.Harvet.1602-01]


[sig. E4v] Quatrain. A l’Autheur.

Qvand le Citois ie vis le liure,
Ie pensois bien sans manger, viure:
Mais quand tu luy respond si bien,
Ie ne puis plus viure de rien.

F. Haruet. Chirurgien.

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Quatrain. To the Author.

When I saw the book by François Citois, I thought I could live well without eating. But when you respond so well to it, I can no longer live on nothing.

F. Harvet, Surgeon.