Testamentum, darin die Transmutatio der sieben Metalle angezeigt wird

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
I. Basic information

Printing History, Manuscripts. First printed in 1598 in the collection Aureum vellus.

Editions. Not edited by Huser or Sudhoff

Relationship between different versions. Only one known version.

Structure, genre/form, perspective, style.

Relationship to other texts.

Authenticity, authorship. According to Sudhoff, without any trace of Paracelsian authenticity.

Time of writing. Further study required.

II. Sources

Manuscripts: no manuscripts known

First printed:

  • 1598 (in: Aurei Velleris Oder Der Guldin Schatz vnd Kunstkammer Tractatus II (Rorschach, 1598); VD16 T 1961; Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 424–427 n° 244)
III. Bibliography

Essential bibliography: Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 696 n° 14.