Preface, no date (1553), by Philippus Hermanni (BP1553-06)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Philippus Hermanni
Recipient: Reader
Type: Preface
Date: no date [1553]
Pages: 1
Language: Dutch
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Philippus Hermanni, Een excellent Trackaet, Antwerpen: Jan Roelants 1553, sig. A2v [BP1553-06]
CP: Not in Kühlmann/Telle, Corpus Paracelsisticum
Translation: Raw translation see below
Abstract: Hermanni promises to educate the reader about the true cause of the disease known as Pox, and correct prevailing treatment errors. He outlines his plan to teach effective use of Lignum guaiacum (Pox Wood) for curing patients, with God's help. He criticizes those promising cures without understanding the disease, thus endangering patients. Hermanni's aim is to guide readers towards reliable treatment methods that not only cure but also improve patients' overall health. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. A2v] Prologhe.

In desen Boecke beminde Leser/ soo hebbe ick voor my ghenomen te beschrijuen den gront ende rechte oorsake der Siecten dy einen die Pocken heet ende daer toe oock te corrigeren alle dwalinghen der ghenesinghen oft curatien dye hier toe ghebesicht zijn gheweest ghelijc als/ rooken/ wasschen/ smeeren oft strijcken/ op bijten der bleynen ende dyer ghelijcken ander Curatien meer/ Dese sullen wy metter hulpen Gos altsamen corrigeren oft verbetern ende schrijuen hoemense sal moghen besighen sonder perijckel van den Patient te bederuen/ ende daer en bouen sullen wy v leeren hoe ghy op een goede maniere metten Lignum guaiacum dat den ghemeynen man Pock hout heet sult moghen dye Patienten cureren gaende ende staende by der straten al op een beter ende perfecter maniere dan tot noch toe gheschiet is oft gheleert is gheweest soo dat ghy de verlatene ende troosteloose Patienten sult moghen hulpe ende bistant bewijsenn ende sult moghen volbrenghen tghene dat hy op v betrout ende van v hoopt te crijghen dat is dye ghenesinghe van zijnder Siechten daer hy nae haeckende is/ welcke ghenesinghe hedensdaechs elcken Patient toegheseyt wort vanden ghenen die somtijts nyet en weten wat de siecte is ende niet en weten wat si daer teghen besighen souden moghen/ ende nocht aus belouen si hem ghesontheyt/ als si hem dan cureren souden soo gaense te wercke ghelijck die blinde naet ey/ si tasten na die cure met tghene datter somtijts nyet met allen toe en dient/ maer daer mede si den Patient bederuen voor tghenesen vercoopen/ op dat ghy soo niet en doet ende voor sulckx bewaert moecht wesen soo hebbe ick v dit Boecxken willen schrijuen dat v de voorschreuen siecte sal leeren ghenesen sonder alle ghebreck soo dat de Patienten na dat si ghecureert zijn ghesonder sullen wesen in allen leden dan si waren eer si de sieckte oyt creghen ende om van tghene des voorschreuen is het volle verstant te hebben/ soo ouerleest met diligentien tghene dat hier nae volghen sal.

English Raw Translation

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In this book, dear reader, I have taken it upon myself to describe the root and true cause of the disease that one calls Pox, and also to correct all errors in treatments or cures that have been used for this purpose, such as smoking, washing, smearing or rubbing, biting off blisters, and similar other cures. We will correct or improve all these with the help of God, and write about how they should be used without the danger of harming the patient. Moreover, we will teach you how, in a proper manner, you can use the Lignum guaiacum (commonly known as Pox Wood) to cure patients walking and standing on the streets, in a better and more perfect manner than has been done or taught so far. Thus, you will be able to provide help and assistance to the forsaken and comfortless patients, and you will be able to accomplish what they entrust to and hope to receive from you, that is, the cure for their illness which they yearn for.

This cure is promised to every patient these days by those who sometimes do not know what the disease is and do not know what they could use against it, yet they still promise them health. When they are supposed to cure them, they work like the blind with a needle, they search for the cure with things that sometimes do not serve the purpose at all, but with which they ruin the patient before selling the cure. To prevent you from doing the same and to keep you safe from such things, I wanted to write this little book for you, which will teach you to cure the aforementioned disease without any shortcomings so that the patients will be healthier in all limbs after they are cured than they were before they contracted the disease.

To have a full understanding of what has been said, please read diligently what will follow.