Notice, no date (1573), Anonymous to the Reader (BP149)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Anonymous
Recipient: Reader
Type: Notice
Date: no date [1573]
Pages: 1
Language: German
Quote as:
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
WunderArtzney/ Vonn allerley leibs gebrüchen [...] Alles mit fleiß beschrieben vnd auff die Theophrastisch Medicin gestelt: Vor etlich hundert jaren beschrieben, Basel: Sebastian Henricpetri 1573, sig. a1v
Translation: Raw translation see below
Abstract: The reader is informed that the book has been preserved in its original, simple German language without any alterations or improvements. This is to illustrate the faithfulness of its intent and to highlight the linguistic evolution over time. The book, deemed a divine gift, was intended for devout individuals rather than the godless. Therefore, it is primarily intended to benefit pious Christians. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. A1v] An den Läser.

Wie dieses Bůch in einer alten schrifft verteutscht herfür kommen/ also ist es bey seinem schlechten einfeltigen Teutsch gelassen/ nichts darinn geändert/ noch gebessert worden. Allein darumb/ das mann sehe/ wie trewlich es vor jaren gemeint worden/ vnd was jetzt bey vnsern Neülingen für vnderscheidt der hohen zierlichen wort gebraucht werde. So doch an demselben nicht so viel/ als an der sache selbst gelegen ist. Man wird auch auß diesem Bůch spüren/ das es des/ der es verfast/ meinung nit gewest/ solche hohe Gottsgab vnder die Gottlosen kommen zů lassen.   Weil aber die Gottlosen solches Bůchs gar nichts/ aber die frommen sehr vil geniessen werden/ so ist es hiemit an tag aller frommen Christen willen gegeben worden.

English Raw Translation

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To the reader,

Just as this book has come forth in an old German script, it has been left in its poor and simple German, without anything changed or improved. However, this is done so that one may see how faithfully it was intended years ago, and what differences exist now in the high and elaborate language used by our newcomers. Yet, this is not as important as the subject matter itself. One will also sense from this book that it was not the intention of its author to let such a great gift from God fall into the hands of the godless.

Since the godless will have no use for this book, but the pious will greatly benefit from it, it has hereby been given for the sake of all devout Christians.