Notice, (1620) to the Reader

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: [Joachim Morsius?]
Recipient: Reader
Type: Notice
Date: [1620]
Pages: 2
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Cornelis Drebbel, De quinta essentia Tractatus, ed. Joachim Morsius, no place 1621, sig. C4r–C4v [BP.Drebbel.1621-01]
also in: BP.Drebbel.1621-02
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Abstract: This notice is an appeal to the reader's goodwill and support for the author's literary and scholarly endeavors in the field of chemistry. The author promises to publish the unpublished works of renowned alchemists and philosophers, which have been suppressed by the envious. The author urges the reader not to slander but to follow their example of benefiting all and not causing harm. (generated by Chat-GPT)
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[sig. C4r] Lector Benevole

Si conatus meos literarios, tuæ in spem gratiæ susceptos, favore tuo non indignos judicabis, promitto tibi propediem & in hac arte chemica, Joannis Isaaci Hollandi, Basilii Valentini, Rogerii Bacchonis, Guidonis Magni, & aliorum probatissimorum, hactenus ab invidis suppreßorum philosophorum inedita opera. Noli itaque innocentis famam maledictis lacerare, sed potius meo exemplo adhortatus nullis obesse, cunctis prodesse studens, desiste maligno livore repertis incubare thesauris, at eos ad Dei omnipotentis gloriam & proximi utilitatem, quàm liberalissimè gratæ posteritati distribue. Nil rerum natura parens bonum, quod non simul [sig. C4v] quoque commune creavit. Sol oculus mundi, omnibus radios suos indulget, Luna innumerabilibus comitata sideribus, de nocte fraterni dispendia luminis suo candore reparans, etiam feras ad pabula ducit. Quid aquis dici formosius potest, in publicum tamen manant? Solus ne ergo amor nostræ Divæ furtum potius, quàm præmium erit. Vale quisquis ex ex voto, &

Æternitatem cogita.

English Raw Translation

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Dear Reader,

If you do not deem my literary efforts, undertaken in the hope of earning your favor, unworthy of your support, I promise you that soon, in this art of chemistry, I will publish the unpublished works of the most esteemed philosophers such as Johann Isaac Hollandus, Basil Valentine, Roger Bacon, Guido Magnus, and others, who have until now been suppressed by the envious. Therefore, do not tear apart the reputation of the innocent with slander, but rather, encouraged by my example, strive to harm no one and benefit all. Cease to harbor malice and greed over discovered treasures, but rather distribute them as generously as possible for the glory of Almighty God and the benefit of your neighbor. Nature, the mother of all things, has created nothing good that is not also meant to be shared. The sun, the eye of the world, grants its rays to all; the moon, accompanied by countless stars, with its brightness compensates for the night's loss of light and even leads wild animals to their feed. What can be said to be more beautiful than water, which yet flows for the public good? Therefore, should the love of our Divine not be a reward rather than a theft? Farewell, whoever you are, and

Contemplate Eternity.