Letter, 1615-04-23, Jacob Alstein to Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel, KassUB 2chem19.1 341

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Jacob Alstein
Recipient: Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel
Date: 1615 April 23
Place: Marburg
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Source: Kassel, UB, 2° Ms. chem. 19[1, f. 341—342 (alt f. 327—328)
Quote as: https://www.theatrum-paracelsicum.com/index.php?curid=538
Names: Raphael Eglin
Places: Frankfurt am Main; Aschaffenburg

[f. 341r] S[alutem]. Illustrissime ac potentissime princeps, domine clementissime,

ante paulas hebdomadas Francofurtum abij eo animo, ut ibi aliquam pecuniolae summam procurarem, quo eo melius ac citius meum iter conficere possem, at cum omne ex voto mihi non successit, oportet adhuc per aliquot dies in hisce locis subsistere, usque tabellarius adveniat, ne alibj eum damno mutuo assutuere cogar.

Verum cum ante duos menses Aschaffenburgj liber quidam, inquo multa egregia consenoseram{?} secreta mihi furto fuit ablatus, ne tempus inutiliter laberetur, secessi eo videre cupiens num librum istum redhabere possem. Nactus sum equidem, sed dimidiam fere adhuc desidero partem: jn restante parte invenio secretum quoddam videlicet proiectio: nem aliquam supra pruriam (nempe ut pars terrestris cadat ad fundam et aqua communis per inclinationem separetur) quae mihi multum a multis est commendata et licet aliquot annis tenuerim, tamen ob continuas meas peregrinationes experimentum eius facere non potuj.

Quapropter cum c[elsitudinis] v[estrae] salinas, ubi hoc secretum vtile esse posset, habeat egregias et jam tempus instet ut omnia necessaria habere possimus ad manus, voluj v[estrae] c[elsitudinem] secretum hoc humiliter submittere et offerre, rogitans, si ita placeat, ut experimentum eius fierj curet, et postea aut per D[octor] Eglinum aut per alium num verum, numferum clementer mihi significet.

Hoc si fecerit, habebit me iterum ad quaevis officiomum{?} genera promtissimum, paratissimum. Hisce valeat v[estrae] c[elsitudo] ἐπιμηριστον{?}, et me, ut fecit ante, amore ac favore complectj non desinat.

Marpurgj, 23 april[is] a[nno] 1615.

V[estr]ae cels[itudinis] observ[antissimus]

Jacob Alstein comes palatinus &c.

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Greetings. Most illustrious and powerful prince, most merciful lord, a few weeks ago I traveled to Frankfurt with the intention of acquiring some small amount of money so that I could complete my journey more easily and quickly. However, since everything did not go according to plan, I must stay in this place for several more days until the courier arrives, lest I suffer any mutual loss elsewhere.

However, two months ago in Aschaffenburg, a certain book was stolen from me, in which I had discovered many excellent and secret things. So as not to waste any more time, I left in order to see if I could recover this book. I did find it, but I am still missing nearly half of it. In the remaining part, I discovered a certain secret, namely a projection: to separate the common water by inclination, such that the earthly part falls to the bottom. Many have recommended this secret to me, and although I have held it for several years, my continual travels have prevented me from experimenting with it.

Therefore, since your highness has excellent saltworks where this secret could be useful, and since it is now time to have all necessary things at hand, I humbly submit and offer this secret to your highness, requesting that if it pleases you, you might undertake to carry out an experiment with it. Afterwards, whether through Doctor Eglin or someone else, kindly inform me whether it is true or false.

If your highness does this, you will have me again ready and prepared for any kind of service. May your highness continue to embrace me with love and favor as you have done before.

Marpurg, 23 April 1615.

Your highness's most obedient

Jacob Alstein, Palatine Count, etc.