Clavis vel praxis manualis

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Clavis aut manuductio in suos libros

I. Basic information

Printing History, Manuscripts. First edited in Latin in 1613 by Johannes Rhenanus in his Solis e puteo emergentis […] libri tres. No manuscripts known.

Editions. Not edited by Huser or Sudhoff.

Relationship between different versions. Only one known version.

Structure, genre/form, perspective, style.

Relationship to other texts.

Authenticity, authorship. According to Rhenanus, Paracelsus wrote this treatise, which he entitled Clavis aut manuductio in suos libros, in favor of a friend who, instead of publishing it, hid it until now. In Sudhoff’s words: “No authenticity can be claimed here whatsoever.”

Time of writing. Possibly written in the 1600s or early 1610s. Further study required.

II. Sources

Manuscripts: no manuscripts known

First printed:

  • 1613 (in: Johannes Rhenanus, Solis e puteo emergentis: sive dissertationis chymiotechnicae libri tres (Frankfurt a.M.: Humm, 1613); VD17 12:160113P; Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 497–499 n° 294)
III. Bibliography

Essential bibliography: Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 498–499, 696 n° 25.