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Paracelsus: A hundred and fourtene experiments and cures, ed. by I. H. [John Hester]. [London]No place, no printer [Henry Middleton?] for [Henry Middleton], no date [ca. 1583/84].
Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 684, n° 505 (Google Books). — USTC 509828. — ESTC S114064. —
Main Language: English. — Original editor: Bernard Gilles Penot.
EEBO 2240852686. —
ID: BP505
Author: Paracelsus
Title: A hundred and fourtene experiments and cures
Printer: no place [London]: no printer
Publisher: [London]:
Year: no date [1583/84]
Editor: I. H. [John Hester]
Original Editor: Bernard Gilles Penot
Main Language: English
Quote as:
Sudhoff, Bibl. Parac.: pp. 684, n° 505 (Google Books)
USTC: 509828
English Short Title Catalogue: S114064
Later editions: BP239, BP370
Translated from: BP190

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