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Dr. Paracelsus Redivivus [Győző Burtik?]: Közegészségügyi törvényünk a gyakorlatban. Szeged: Várnai, 1887.
Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 676, n° 497 (Google Books). —
84, [2] pages (autopsy).
Main Language: Hungarian. —
The Hungarian text discusses public health regulations in Hungary, contrasting them with practices in other countries, notably England. Hungary's 1876 health law, while comprehensive on paper, hasn't yielded the desired public health outcomes. In contrast, England, despite having a complex system of health regulations, boasts effective public health standards. The success of English laws is attributed to their roots in local customs and traditions. The Hungarian law, influenced by foreign models, was criticized for its theoretical approach without considering Hungary's unique socio-economic conditions. The author emphasizes the importance of tailoring health regulations to a country's specific needs rather than merely adopting foreign models. The text also touches upon the mandate for cities of a certain population size in Hungary to employ doctors, questioning its practical effectiveness. The overarching theme is the need for laws to reflect the actual conditions and needs of the population for them to be effective.
Author: Dr. Paracelsus Redivivus
Publisher: Várnai

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