Bibliographia Paracelsica/BP1653-01

From Theatrum Paracelsicum


William Johnson: Lexicon Chymicum [...] Lib. Secundus. London: Gertrude Dawson for Laurence Sadler, 1653.
Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 576-577, n° 372 (Google Books). — ESTC: R235535, R1504. —
8°. Signatures: A–G8 *8 = 64 fols. (128 pages) (autopsy).
[vii], [1 blank], 86, [2 blank], [15], [1 blank], [15], [1 blank] pages. —
Main Language: Latin. —
Pagination errors: none.
In some copies, the sheet “*” is located directly behind the title page, while in other copies it is at the end of the volume; sig. *7r has the catchword “Lexicon”, referring to sig. A5r (page 1).
Publisher: Laurence Sadler
See also: BP372.
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