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Paracelsus: Warhafftige Beschreibung Einer prophecey, ed. by Georg Andreas Stein. Nürnberg: o.Dr., 1623.
Main Language: German.
Not in Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica. — VD17 3:612627F. — USTC 2045480. —
ID: BP1623-01
Author: Paracelsus
Title: Warhafftige Beschreibung Einer prophecey
Printer: Nürnberg: o.Dr.
Year: 1623
Editor: Georg Andreas Stein
Main Language: German
Quote as:
Sudhoff, Bibl. Parac.: not in Sudhoff
VD17: VD17 3:612627F
USTC: 2045480
Distinguishing feature: 8 Seiten
Digital copy: Halle, University and State Library
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