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Theatrum chemicum. Volumen secundum. Straßburg: Cornelius Sutor (Oberursel) for Lazarus Zetzner, 1602.
Main Language: Latin.
Not in Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica. — VD17 23:292821P. — USTC 2065409. —
ID: BP1602-02
Title: Theatrum chemicum. Volumen secundum
Volume: vol. 2
Printer: Oberursel: Cornelius Sutor
Publisher: Straßburg: Lazarus Zetzner
Year: 1602
Main Language: Latin
Quote as:
Sudhoff, Bibl. Parac.: not in Sudhoff
VD17: VD17 23:292821P
USTC: 2065409
Digital copies: Google Books (Afk9AAAAcAAJ)
Google Books (aNBZAAAAcAAJ)
Digital copy: Dresden, State and University Library
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